About Us

Our international experience and professionalism attend upon the most demanding needs of professional clients, supporting trusted dealers, retailers, architects and interior designers, managing the development and realization of the requested tasks fully independently. Established in 1989 in Cormons Italy, by Antonio Milesi and his son Tommaso, who has a dream to develop internationally orientated company that connect the best in Interior Design fields .

Some values are just timeless and borderless. We have the honour of being part of one of the places in the World with the highest concentration of culture, history and fine arts. This extraordinary and unique blend of taste and creativity, of knowledge and curiosity, of imagination and elegance, is the reason behind the worldwide success of Made in Italy concept. Being able to converse with the world is, for us, a natural gift, and it comes from knowing we are the ambassadors of those values that belong to our land and to our culture.